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rugged smartphone 2013--Rugged mobile phones market booming

waterproof phone

rugged smartphone 2013--Just as people are smart phones, multimedia phones, 3G mobile phones and even ultra-low-end phones dazzled when a humble mobile phone market is quietly rising, which is dustproof, shockproof, waterproof the rugged mobile phones. Although the three anti-mobile phone market sales far less than other categories of mobile phones, but it has caused the rapid rise of industry sectors and consumers attention.rugged mobile phones should have what features, how to understand the "three" new concepts, three anti-mobile phone consumer demand where three anti-mobile phone market prospects? These people have become interested in the topic.

Today, we are pleasantly surprised to see that from the fourth quarter of 2006, three anti-mobile phone market in the turnaround. The original has been a fraction of a percent of the market share since October 2006 began to rise, to February 2007 just five months rose to 2.5 percent, the growth rate alarming.

Factors affecting the development of any market is simply two aspects: First, the internal driving consumer demand; Second, technologies and products to guide and stimulate. With sports, outdoor sports, tourism, rapid rise of three anti-mobile phone market demand rose sharply, a unique three anti-mobile phone, sports cell phone market is being formed. Meanwhile, manufacturers increased the intensity of the three anti-mobile phone concern, multimedia mobile phones, smart phones, business phones design concept into three anti-mobile phone, adding to the three anti-mobile phone features highlights and selling markets, changing consumer three Recognizing the inherent anti-cell phone. In addition, three anti-mobile phone prices are falling, will trigger further consumer desire to buy. "Three" features, multimedia features, the price of mid-range models, who are not fond of it?

waterproof smartphone

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